Who are these Very Sissy Men?

Throughout the history of motion pictures and television, and continuing to this day, there is a certain type of man who is neither the strong man nor the everyman, but the type of man for whom the sight of a pretty woman brings to mind the thought; “Where’d she get those shoes?” This man is the Sissy Man. No more is he assigned to the land of supporting players as the best friend or unctuous authority figure, in this blog, he is put up front and center where he belongs. You will see a number at the bottom of every Very Sissy Man. This is our very own “Sissy scale.” We rate the selected “Sissies,” from zero to ten. (Zero being John Wayne, a Sissy Man only because he walked sprightly in his spurs; and ten being a man who undoubtedly continues to live the life of a sissy long after the camera has stopped rolling-- think Liberace.) In addition to the Sissy rating, each entry contains a brief, humorous biography, along with a picture that conveys the very essence of the actor’s sissiness. Enjoy!

Sir Evelyn De La Fontaine, Esq.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Very Sissy Man: Joe Besser

Joe Besser

Aug. 12, 1907 - March 1, 1988

                  Imagine a short, pudgy, bald, middle-aged man dressed like a spoiled schoolboy of a half-century earlier. Picture a plump Buster Brown with a whiney voice, an oversize lollipop in one hand, willing to throw a tantrum at any time; a bratty “kid” in short pants called Stinky, a name he lived up to on Abbott & Costello’s television show. “You crazy, yoooou!”  His name was Joe Besser, and he was sissy enough to steal scenes from Lou Costello.
         Joe is probably most famous for being the third “third stooge”, replacing Shemp in The Three Stooges. (Joe and Shemp were friends.) He didn’t wear the Buster Brown outfit, but nothing else changed. Moe and Larry seemed baffled by Joe, who pinched, attempted a fey punch --well, slap-- with the underside of his fist, and responded to any attempt at the usual Stooge-foolery with  “Not so harrrrd!”   If there was ever a perfect sissy, it was Joe Besser.


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